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03/31/16 HTI Diagnostics Technical Training in Singapore a success!

HTI Diagnostics Technical Training in Singapore a success!

Figure 1- HTI team and distributors gathered at the conference room for hands-on training.

HTI Diagnostics invited new distributors to a comprehensive 4-day technical training in Singapore following MEDLAB Asia-Pacific. HTI Diagnostics believes in the importance of technical training to help distributors enhance their skills and knowledge, meet the people who will be supporting them and prepare them to represent the HTI brand. The HTI team in attendance at the training included Mr. Fernando Oliveira, Director of Business Development and Mr. Sergey S. Titov, Product Development and Support Manager. 

Figure 2 - Mr. Sergey Titov during the E-Lyte Plus seminar.

Distributors from 11 countries took advantage of this unique opportunity. There was a wide array of trainees present, from MDs to Lab Techs and Mechanical Engineers. It was an excellent atmosphere for training and networking for those within the HTI Distributor family. HTI Diagnostics is proud of the investment these trainees put in to learn over the four days in Singapore, making it a success. 

The instruments showcased during the four days were the Hematology Analyzer MicroCC-20 Plus, the Chemistry Analyzer BioChem FC-120, the Electrolyte Analyzer E-Lyte Plus and the Urine Analyzer CL-50. The training covered the overview and principles of operation, description of components, and features and capabilities. The hands-on training portion included learning the setup, installation and validation, calibration, quality control, sampling, and troubleshooting of each instrument
Figure 3 - Technicians are offered hand-on training on the BioChem FC-120.

After the technical training on each instrument, the trainees learned why these instruments are the best options for their customers, how to boost sales, strategies to break into new markets and key points for a successful partnership between manufacturer and distributor.

HTI Diagnostics is committed to the continuing education of its distributors and was extremely pleased with the success of the training. The trainees were highly satisfied with the program. HTI Diagnostics is excited to announce they will be holding their next training session in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from September 2-4 following the AACC exhibition. 

Figure 4 - HTI team together during lunch time; friendly networking environment.

If you are interested in participating in the next training session in Philadelphia, please contact us at http://htidiagnostics.com/contacts to request more information.
Figure 5 - Attendees were eager to get a close-up view of the new instruments.

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