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HTI BioChem FC-200


The HTI BioChem FC-200 is a fully automated chemistry analyzer that features state of the art technology designed to improve speed and precision, such as a highly polished sample probe with liquid level detection and collision protection.

The HTI BioChem FC-200 can perform up to 240 tests per hour. The sample/ reagent tray has 40 positions for sample and reagent in a refrigerated compartment.

This modern random access desktop automatic biochemical analyzer runs with user- friendly software which allows you to perform tests in your laboratory, see the reaction, and print results. The self-diagnosis and alarm systems provide error-free operation of the instrument and measurement.


Capacity: up to 240 tests per hour;

Sample volume: 3 – 45 µl; 0.5 µl increments

Reaction volume: 180 to 600 µl;

Probe: Automatic probe cleaning, liquid level detection, and depth adjustment to eliminate cross-contamination

Flow cell: 81 disposable cuvettes , 180 µl~ 600 µl

Test Types: End point, Fixed time, Kinetic

Positions for the samples: 40 (including controls and standards);

Wavelengths: 340, 405, 450, 510, 546, 578, 630 and 670 nm

Light source: Halogen lamp 12V/20 W, with the function of the energy conservation

Temperature: 37°C ± 1%

Washing the probe:  Automatic                                

Software: Construction of the reaction curve in real time, 3 levels of quality control, more than 10 calibration equations, Stat Analysis.

Memory: More than 100 procedures, an unlimited number of test results and quality control charts; 

SB: PC Communication Port RS232, port USB;

Management: keyboard, mouse, monitor

Dimensions:  80x60x65 sm

Weight: 80 kg

Features & Functions

Fully automated, discrete, random access

External bar code reader  (optional)

Rear spectrophotometry and maintenance-free photometer, with synchronous double wavelength testing

Highly polished sample probe, with liquid level detection and automatic probe depth adjustment and collision protection

Independent mixer, rinsed by vertical style

81 special disposal plastic cuvettes and optional quartz glass cuvette

Water consumption less than 3.5L per hour

Microsoft Windows® Operating System compatible

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