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The HTI BioChem FC‐360 Automatic Chemistry Analyzer is a high performance system designed for busy labs that require high throughput and completely walk‐away functionality.

HTI’s FC‐360 is ideal for clinical chemistry, immunology, electrolytes, drug monitoring and drugs. The device uses a dual beam optical
measurement and features an on‐board reagent cooling system, continuous sample entry and automatic re‐dilution of samples. The analyzer performs an average of 300 test per hour.

Preprogrammed assays offer unlimited open channels. The device’s scrubber is effective at washing and drying trays leaving them ready for new reactions.

ISE module is available as an optional feature.

Technical Data
∙ Max Throughput: 360 Test per Hour
∙ Average throughput: 300 Tests per hour
∙ Optic System: Double Beam
∙ Filters: 340, 380, 405, 450, 505, 546, 578, 600, 650, 700nm
∙ Light Source: 12v‐20w Halogen Quartz lamp
∙ Optical Path: 6mm
∙ Photometric Range: ‐0.100 A to 3.600 A
∙ Measurement Type: Monochromatic/Bichromatic
∙ Sample Volume: 2 to 200 μl
∙ Reagent Ave. Volume: Volume: 250μl per test
∙ Min. Reagent Volume: 200μl per test Min.
∙ Reagent Tray: 60 Positions at 5 C
∙ Cuvette Tray: 100 PMMA reaction cuvettes
∙ Working Temperature: 37 C
∙ Software: Preprogrammed assays, unlimited open channels
∙ Multi‐calibrator capability
∙ Auto rerun with auto‐dilution
∙ Stat mode
∙ Statistics for controls and calibrators
∙ Levy‐Jennings graphics
∙ Import/Export Data
∙ Data file of samples, controls and calibrators
∙ Analysis Modes: Endpoint with reagent blank; Endpoint with sample blank; Kinetic; Fixed‐time kinetic; Turbidimetric; Homogeneous Immunoassay
∙ Power Requirements: 100/240 V , 50/60 VAC, 400VA
∙ Dimensions: 79x60x50 cm
∙ Weight: Approximately 55 kg

Features & Functions
∙ Up to 360 tests / hour
∙ Random access, automated, discrete
∙ 40 μl ‐ 400μl reagent volume / test
∙ On‐board reagent cooling
∙ On‐board cuvette washing
∙ Continuous sample loading
∙ Input during operation
∙ Auto re‐run and auto‐dilution
∙ Interference management
∙ Calibrator & Control statistics

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