Our Company


High Technology, Inc. (HTI) is headquartered in Massachusetts, USA. HTI began as a local family business in 1994 with a focus on IVD products sales and service. Lead by a father-son team, Sergey and Gary Titov, HTI evolved into a reliable IVD manufacturer with a strong distribution network in many international markets.


HTI's focus is to offer cutting-edge solutions for clinical diagnostic laboratories, providing international medical organizations with the world's most effective and affordable medical equipment, reagents and consumables.

HTI brings to market cost-effective IVD products to allow customers access to the latest technologies at affordable prices. We remain focused on core IVD testing to allow for maximum expansion of our global footprint.


To bring value to our worldwide customers by offering high performance, cost-effective instrumentation.

To utilize our domestic and international resources to come up with innovative ideas and bring our products to the market through efficient and effective distribution networks.


HTI continues to expand its presence worldwide, through both direct presence and a well-supported distribution network.

As an HTI distributor you will benefit from exceptional solutions for clinical laboratories worldwide. In addition to having access to reagents and equipment, you will also receive sales training, service certification, marketing and support tools and excellent after sales support.

It is important to consider the value of the HTI brand and realize that this value will be passed on to your customers, distinguishing your product from the competition. High quality products with full technical support and customer service; Manuals, Videos and Tech Tips available online; certification of your technical service team (here in the US or in your country); remote diagnostics capabilities to quickly resolve any reported problem with our instruments; scientists working full time on testing, developing and supporting our reagents and applications. HTI is interested in regional partners to work with us. We want to share ideas, strategies and help you increase your sales based on our successful experiences in other countries.

Are you interested in developing this partnership? Please fill out the distributor form and send it to us at your earliest convenience.