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Technical Training in Dubai

Technical training in Dubai, UAE
HTI Diagnostics held a 3-day technical training at the Dubai World Trade Center prior to exhibiting at MedLab Dubai. More than 25 representatives from companies around the world were in attendance.

The training focused on the technical aspects of four of HTI’s products such as learning the setup, installation and validation, calibration, quality control, sampling and troubleshooting. The training also included discussion of sales and marketing strategies for distributing these products in different markets.

The instruments highlighted in the training program were the MicroCC-20 Hematology Analyzer, BioChem FC-120 Chemistry Analyzer, E-Lyte Plus Electrolyte Analyzer and the CL-50 Urine Analyzer.

HTI’s goal for 2017 is to continue to expand its distributorship in South America, Africa and the Middle East and develop the rapport and trust of current distributors. The technical training gave the HTI team an opportunity to speak with each distributor individually about their goals and what kind of support they need to be successful.

HTI would like to thank all of those in attendance at the training. Stay tuned for an update about when we will be having our next training. If you have any interest in participating in a technical training, please email